Litochoro – Olympus

Litochoro (GreekΛιτόχωροLitóchoroKatharevousa: Λιτόχωρον) is a town and a former municipality in the southern part of the Pieria regional unitGreece.

The town is a popular destination for those wishing to climb Mount Olympus as almost all climbing routes begin to the southwest of the town. A famous son of the town was Christos Kakkalos, who ascended first Mount Olympos in 1913.

Litochoro is located 22 km S of Katerini, 90 km SSW of Thessaloniki, 58 km N of Larissa and 420 km WNW of Athens, on the eastern slopes of Mount Olympus, of mythological fame as the home of the twelve gods of Olympus. Two important ancient sites are located in the neighbourhood of Litochoro. Dion with its large archaeological park and a museum is located about 8 km to the north. Leivithra with its acropolis and the Leivithra Park is about 9 km to the south. The municipal unit has an area of 169.632 km2.[4] Pine, cedar and fir trees of the forests of Mount Olympus lie to the southwest and northwest. Much of the land around Litochoro, in particular to the South, remains uncultivated. Farmland is predominant to the North. Litochoro has several restaurants and 01cafeterias.

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